Discover Insights into Odor Management at the 2024 WEAT Collections Systems and Odor & Corrosion Specialty Conference!

   For yet another year, we have here again the only conference on odor impact management of wastewater collection systems that we know of. This biennial event has become the meeting point for odor and corrosion management professionals working with sewer networks. The 2024 WEAT Collections Systems and Odor & Corrosion Specialty Conference, scheduled from May 20-22, 2024, at the Embassy Suites by Hilton McAllen Convention Center, presents a singular opportunity to delve into the complexities of odor management within wastewater systems.

     The Water Environment Association of Texas (WEAT) ha a very active Odor and Corrosion Management Committee to educate and inform on technologies, trends, and best practices with regard to air quality, odor and corrosion control. In 2019 they organized a Biosolids, Odor & Corrosion Conference & Expo with a very interesting program. A couple of years later, they organized the 2022 WEAT Collections Systems and Odor & Corrosion Specialty Conference in Frisco. Recognized as the sole conference dedicated exclusively to this critical aspect of wastewater management in 2024, attendees can expect a focused exploration of strategies and solutions aimed at mitigating odor-related challenges in collection systems.

   With a focus on both established methodologies and emerging technologies, this conference offers a platform for professionals to engage with industry thought leaders and gain insights into effective odor control measures. Through a series of workshops, sessions, and case studies, attendees can deepen their understanding of the latest advancements in odor and corrosion management.

   Whether seasoned experts or newcomers to the field, participants will find value in the diverse range of topics covered at the conference. From practical techniques to theoretical frameworks, attendees can broaden their expertise and stay abreast of industry trends, equipping themselves with the tools necessary to address the unique challenges posed by odor in collection systems.

   In an environment designed to foster knowledge exchange and collaboration, attendees will benefit from a program specifically tailored to address the intricacies of odor management (program not available yet). By sharing experiences and engaging in dialogue with peers, professionals can gain practical insights and explore innovative approaches to tackling odor-related issues in their respective contexts.

   Reserve your place at the forefront of odor management innovation by attending the 2024 WEAT Collections Systems and Odor & Corrosion Specialty Conference. With its exclusive focus on odor control in collection systems, this event promises to deliver valuable insights and practical solutions for professionals seeking to enhance their wastewater management practices.

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