Odeuropa Odour Culture Fair: A Resounding Success in Unveiling Olfactory Heritage

   Odeuropa is a European research project which bundles expertise in sensory mining and olfactory heritage. The group developed novel methods to collect information about smell from (digital) text and image collections. This Tuesday there was the final event gathering 160 people in the Odeuropa Smell Culture Fair that unfolded at the Trippenhuis (Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences) in Amsterdam. This groundbreaking event marked a significant milestone in their journey to explore, understand, and celebrate olfactory heritage.

   The day commenced with a warm welcome by Zakia Guernina, the interim director general of the KNAW, setting the tone for an enriching experience ahead. The Plenary Session, led by PI Inger Leemans, provided a comprehensive introduction to Olfactory Heritage and the Odeuropa project. The unveiling of the IFF x Odeuropa Historical Scent Collection by Bernardo Fleming and the Heritage Smell Library by Isabelle Chazot added a sensorial dimension to our understanding of history.

  Distinguished smell culture experts, including Asifa Majid, Simon Niedenthal, Alison Heritage, and Gregorio Sola Vela, shared insightful perspectives, fostering a dialogue that transcended boundaries. The roundtable discussion, chaired by Cecilia Bembibre, brought together diverse viewpoints and ignited a passion for exploring the cultural significance of smells.

The day continued with engaging Breakout Sessions, where participants delved into data explorations, hands-on training sessions, and discussions on the intersection of technology and scent education. The diversity of topics covered, ranging from exploring Odeuropa Smell Explorer to working with scents in GLAM Collections or measuring the impact of olfactory storytelling, reflected the dynamism of this community.

The Smell Expo and Matchmaking session proved to be a highlight, featuring exhibits by industry and business representatives alongside a captivating research poster session. Attendees had the opportunity to explore and engage with the latest advancements in the world of smell culture, creating valuable connections and sparking future collaborations.

As the day drew to a close, the Reception provided a relaxed atmosphere for networking and refreshments, allowing participants to reflect on the day's discoveries and forge new connections within the Odeuropa community.


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