Watch the Odour Talks 2022 again

   Last year,, the site that deals with Environmental odour management, organised another edition of Odour talks on the 27th of October 2022. This course was broadcasted online and counted several experts related to Odour exposure and annoyance.

    We recorded it and asked for permission from the authors to make it public, and here you have the final result for you to enjoy. 



   No organization deals with the impact of odour exposure on health. Many papers have been published in different journals over the years. However, there is no specific forum to deal with the study of odour-related exposure and annoyance impact. 
   That is why we organized our second Odour Talks at the end of October 2022. The idea was to lay the foundations for further discussions on this topic. Following the Workshop, there was an exciting round table and open discussion.

   We want to thank again Kirsten Sucker, Hugo van Belois, Jean-Michel Guillot, Susan Schiffman, and Hanns Moshammer for sharing their knowledge. 
   If you are interested in similar talks, check out our Youtube channel.


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