Odour talks    Olores.org, the site that deals with Environmental odour management, is organising the first Odour talks session in Bilbao, the 17th October 2016. This course will be both held in the auditorium of Bilbao Berrikuntza Faktoria building, in the heart of Bilbao city in Spain and broadcasted online through our youtube channel.

   We are glad to announce that the speakers of this course will be very well-known European odour experts. The course will be an open seminar (face-to-face and online via webinar or Youtube) followed by a round table and open discussion. The registration is open to any participant with an interest in the odour management of industrial plants such as Wastewater Treatment Plants, Composting plants, oil refineries, paper pulp plants, animal by-product processing plants, waste processing, landfills, etc.

olfasense odour Day   The company Olfasense is organizing a Technical Training Day at their Olfasense laboratory facilities in Kiel, Germany the 25th of January 2017. The following day there will be the 2017 edition of their Workshop on Product and Material Testing. 

   According to Olfasense, they have equipped over 300 laboratories, research institutes, universities and companies worldwide in the last 30 years. This time the company Olfasense wants to share their know-how and help to their clients to make the most of their odour measurement equipment.

workshop shangai.small   This time, Shangai will host this Workshop about "Emissions and odour of plastics" the 14th and 15th July 2016.

   The two-day workshop will focus on international standards and limit values for emissions and odours. Furthermore, it will provide up-to-date information about different testing and validation methods as well as about the development of low emission materials and parts. The workshop will comprise lectures and panel discussions by material experts from approved international suppliers and OEMs and Chinese public authorities, such as Volkswagen, BAIC, Benecke-Kaliko and BMW.

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