Olfasense 2018 Technical Training Day is here. The editor of olores.org invited as keynote speaker

olfasense training day   One more year the people of Olfasense is organizing a Technical Training day.  These successful Olfasense Workshops on Product and Material Testing and the Technical Training days have being going on for a few years as a way to introduce new advances and technologies available for a better estimation of the odour emission. This year, the editor of this website has been invited to a present the state of the revision of the EN 13725.

   On a yearly basis, Olfasense organizes these events in order to both discuss the state of the technology, and to have a practical hands on session on equipment and methods. This time the Odour Workshop on P&M Testing is planned for the 17th of January 2018 and the Technical Training Day is scheduled for the following day, 18th of January 2018. The editor of this website has been invited to present the last advances of the Working Group 2 of the Technical Committee 264 'Air quality - Determination of odour concentration by dynamic olfactometry'.

    For those of you who do not know much about Olfasense, it is worth to note that over the last 30 years this German-Dutch company has provided equipment for over 300 laboratories, research institutes, universities and companies worldwide. For this small environmental niche, those are pretty considerable figures.

   These sessions have normally limited seats available and they are normally booked up before even the event starts. so the organizers recommend to book a place well in advance. For those eager to get a seat, there is an Early Bird registration rate with a very nice discount, until 31st October 2017.

   This year the editor of olores.org and member of the CEN group dealing with the new standard on olfactometry has been invited as keynote speaker to present the last advances made in the new standard. His talk will deal with the relevant changes of the text of the future EN 13725 with a special focus on the parts of "sampling" and "reference materials".

   For more information of this workshop and Technical Training Day, click here.

   Download the preliminary programme of the Technical Training Day 2018 here.

   Download the preliminary programme of the Workshop on Product and Material Testing 2018 here.


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