Workshop on odours in Trieste, Italy 15-16 October 2018

scuola odori trieste   This Workshop on odours is organized by the Italian region of Friuli Venezia Giulia with the support of the environmental agencies AssoARPA, AarpaFVG and the Italian System of Environmental Protection. This workshop will take place in the Sala Tessitori in Trieste the days 15th and 16th of October. The Workshop will also be available on line here (In Italian).

   Several subjects will be evaluated in a very interesting program. The first day will count on talks about the management of a public olfactometric lab, the evaluation of the toxicity for the panel members, the calculation of the uncertainty and repeatability in dynamic olfactometry, the application of numerical models to prevent odour annoyance and the sampling procedures for olfactometry.

   The following day, there will be talks on a case study considering the analysis of the annoyance to receptors, on some regional and national regulations, the role of the Environmental Regional Ministry in environmental permits, with specific case studies. In addition, there will be talks about the EN 16841 standard on field inspections and the analysis of the disturbance of the receptors.

   This Workshop will end with a demonstrative show of an olfactometric lab.

   For more info, this is the program of the event. The link to watch the Workshop online is here

   The following day there will be another event related to odours, this time in the University of Trieste about Systems and procedures to electronically monitor odours. This event will also be videostreamed here. In this case, some of the presentations will be in English.


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