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scentroid webinars    The Canadian company Scentroid is organizing 9 Online Free Webinars on various topics related to air and odour management. These webinars will start on Nov. 16th 2016 and will end in July 2017.

   The Scentroid Air and odour Academy has prepared 9 free live webinar on the air quality and odour management solutions. Each webinar will last 1 hour and will consist of technical sessions led by expert speakers. The content will cover Air Quality and Odour management in many aspects related to new technologies and solutions, as well as good practices in industries such as in wastewater, waste management, pulp and paper, oil and gas, petrochemical and refinery industries.

   These 9 free live webinar will be displayed during the next 9 months. The list of webinars with dates is the following:

  1. Air Quality and Odour Monitoring using Drones . Nov. 16th 2016. Mr. Angelo Fienga, Sky4apps, Italy

  2. CALPUFF Modeling using Lakes Software . Dec. 7th 2016. Andrew Balch, Air Environment Consulting, Australia

  3. Air Quality Monitoring and Odour Assessment in Refineries . Jan. 18th 2017. Mr. Sidarta Medina, Scentroid, Canada.

  4. Health Hazards of Air Pollutant (HAP) in Petro-chemical Plants . Feb. 15th 2017. Vincent Perret, TOXpro, Switzerland.

  5. Continuous Air Quality and Odour Monitoring Technologies . March 15th 2017. Ardevan Bakhtari, Scentroid, Canada.

  6. Air Quality Monitoring and Odour Assessment in WWTP . April 12th 2017. Speaker to be determined.

  7. Air Quality Monitoring and Odour Assessment in Waste Management and Compost . May 17th 2017. Speaker to be determined.

  8. AERMOD Modeling using Breeze Software . June 14th 2017. Dr. Knut Wiik, Purenviro, Norway.

  9. Air Quality Monitoring and Odour Assessment in Livestock Operations . July 12th 2017. Ms. Elisabeth Lord, Air & Odour, Canada.


   For further information, check this link or the visit the Scentroid website here.


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