A few standards related to odour management published in September

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standards sept 2019   This month of September has being quite productive in terms of official standards related to odours published around the world. We would normally go one by one in different articles. Each of these new standards from Germany, Italy and USA, have a long story and development behind, but since we are in a rushing society with no time for reading extensive reports, here is our summary.

   A few standards from UNI (Italy), ASTM (USA), and VDI (Germany) related to odour management, are published or about to be published  and all of this, is happening in the month of September. Isn't' that wonderful? So here we go with this recap on new standards on odours around the world!

   VDI 3886 Part 1: The German VDI 3886-1 “Determination and assessment of odours - Odour report - Determination of necessity and references for preparation” has been published this month. Odour reports from experts might be required in Germany during licensing procedures for a plant or as a consequence of a monitoring procedure, e.g. triggered by complaints from neighbours, or during a land-use planning procedure. This new guideline standardizes and systematizes the procedure for decision-making on the requirement of an odour report. Get this new standard here.

   ASTM E1432 -19: Also this month, the ASTM has published the ASTM 1431 -19 "Standard Practice for Defining and Calculating Individual and Group Sensory Thresholds from Forced-Choice Data Sets of Intermediate Size". This is an update of the existing standard developed by the Committee E18.04, ASTM BOS Volume 14.03. The well known Michael McGinley, laboratory director of St. Croix Sensory Inc. coordinated this update that can be acquired here.

   ASTM E679 -19: Mr McGinley is also coordinating the update of the ASTM E679 -19  "Standard Practice for Determination of Odor and Taste Thresholds By a Forced-Choice Ascending Concentration Series Method of Limits" After a balloting period, the existing standard has been reviewed with minor changes. Get the text here.

   UNI 11761:2019: This Italian standard on "Odour determination using IOMS (Instrumental Odour Monitoring Systems) and their qualification" has followed a very quick development since its inception due to 1) There is a great and well organized group of experts at UNI dealing with IOMSs, 2) the publication in December of the German VDI 3518-3 on e-noses and 3) Some other issues within CEN WG41 related to the fact that this project of CEN standard on IOMS has been focusing more on the instrument final validation. Get it here.

   The last draft of the UNI 11761:2019 was distributed for comments in July, and the period of comments finished in August, so this standard is expected to be published now in September. To date, UNI has not published yet this important standard.*

   More standards to come

   Standardization is a fascinating field in which a text is agreed upon consensus. Reading these 4 standards might keep odour managers busy for a while, but more is about to come in the next months. So keep an eye on:

1) The renovated EN 13725, Determination of odour concentration by dynamic olfactometry and odour emission rate from stationary sources (did you guys notice the change in the title?) after finishing the enquiry stage, The WG2 will meet to answer each of the comments sent by the member countries. This is a lengthy process, so we don't expect to have this new Standard published until next year.

2) The publication of the VDI 3790 Part 3 focusing on odour emission from diffuse sources during storage, transshipment and transportation of bulk materials that is expected to be published on April 2020.

And 3) Last, but not least, the renovated Dutch standard NTA 9065 on odour measurement and calculation should be published soon. This revision of the NTA 9065: 2012 standard is also taking a few years. One of the important changes that the NTA 9065 will include in this revision is that percentiles will be a thing from the past. Odour dose will be now evaluated with the so called Frequency distribution diagrams. But this is another interesting and fascinating story... for another day.


* 07/10/19 Update: The UNI 11761:2019 was published in October


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