The IMT Mines Alès offers a PhD scholarship

IMT Ales   The University IMT Mines Alès, sited in Alès, France, offers a PhD scholarship for a student to work on improvements of FIDOL factors approach. The candidate must have some skills in computer sciences for data treatment (typically multicriteria analysis) and an interest for perception/assessment of air quality.

   The duration of this PhD scholarship is 3 years, starting on October 2022, with evaluation of the results each year to validate the continuation of the project. The title of this project is “Perception of Potentialities or Existence of Odour Nuisances in the Environment: Comparison of Approaches based on Objective or Subjective Factors”.

  For several years, approaches have been based on FIDOL factors (Frequency, Intensity, Duration, Offensiveness, Location). This approach, which shows the multifactorial impact of odour complaints, needs to be improved.

   In this research project, it will be necessary: on one hand, to identify the subjective parameters linked to odour exposure (and nuisance) based on the FIDOLs and verifying that they are sufficient; and on the other hand, to identify the methods to aggregate the factors in order to provide a qualification of the nuisance applicable to any population or to categories of people depending on the situations to be identified.

   The envisaged scientific approach must be validated on the basis of data (experimental). It will consist of a numerical analysis based on the classic components of multi-criteria evaluation: classification, clustering, aggregation, as well as on an analysis and collection of data, a methodological approach…

   If you are interested on this project, contact prof. Jean Michel Guillot here.


Cyntia Izquierdo

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