Sitio web: Jacobi Carbons
Short Description: Jacobi Carbons is one of the world’s largest activated carbon companies, celebrating several significant milestones along the way
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Sitio web: JAOE
Short Description: The former association Odor Control Association of Japan was founded in 1987. Later, it was established as Odor Research and Engineering Association of Japan and accepted as a corporation aggregate under the jurisdiction of Ministry of Environment.
Sitio web: JMB
Short Description: JMB works together with the extracting industry as consultor, operator and dangerous waste transporter. They also deal with research and monitoring tasks with an integral implemented system of environmental security.
Product Image: imagen_JMB
Short Description: JSF Hidraulica provides solutions and cutting-edge technology for odour control in industrial environments by using different types of covers in big area sources.
Product Image: imagen_jsfhidraulica

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