Short Description: Cabot is the world's largest manufacturer of activated carbon with the most diverse product line available from a single supplier. We offer over 150 different types of activated carbon to ensure cost effective solutions for your purification needs.
Product Image: imagen_cabot
Sitio web: Cairpol
Short Description: Cairpol miniature sensors allows real-time measurement of pollutants even at very low concentrations, with an installation cost level never being so low until now.
Product Image: solar_panel_sensor_pollutants
Sitio web: Calgon Carbon
Short Description: Calgon Carbon’s extensive range of activated carbons and adsorption systems for air purification and environmental air treatment are designed to meet specific customer needs in a variety of applications, for example, odour removal
Product Image: imagen_calgoncarbon
Short Description: CALPUFF is an advanced non-steady-state meteorological and air quality modeling system developed by ASG scientists, now part of the company Exponent.
Sitio web: CCYA Ingenieria
Short Description: Modelado de emisiones difusas y olores
Sitio web: CE Schmidt, PhD
Short Description: CE Schmidt, Ph.D has worked as a consultant for over 31 years and has many years of experience developing project-specific technical approaches, directing applied research, managing programs including subcontractors, and marketing.
Product Image: imagen_ceschmidt
Short Description: CECO Environmental is a global diversified and energy technology company that provides Environmental Air Pollution Control Technologies
Product Image: CECO-imagen
Sitio web: Chemviron Carbon
Short Description: Chemviron Carbon, the European Operation of Calgon Carbon Corporation, can provide a range of activated carbon solutions for odour control: CENTAUR®, IVP, SOLCARB® KS3, ENVIROCARB® STIX®...
Product Image: imagen_chemviron (Small)
Sitio web: Clauger
Short Description: Clauger is a french enterprise present in over 90 countries, specialized in: treatment of odors, cov, gas energy recovery industrial dust. It is also a major player in the establishment of odor observatories.
Product Image: imagen_clauger
Sitio web: CMI Group
Short Description: CMI Environment ofrece soluciones medioambientales en los ámbitos de agua, aire, residuos y eficiencia energética. Ofrece tratamiento de emisiones de gases corrosivos, nocivos y olorosos (control de olores y eliminación de la contaminación por ga
Product Image: cmi-europe-environnement--biofiltre-bois
Sitio web: Cmi
Short Description: CMI-EA‘s team of seasoned engineers is dedicated to providing quality engineering and services. Its goal is to design and supply high-performance cost efficient process systems.
Product Image: cmi
Sitio web: Website Title
Short Description: Comon Invent has developed an electronic multi-sensor platform on which all three types of gas sensors can be attached. The sensors are independent from the platform and can be tailored to specific applications.
Product Image: Schermafbeelding-2013-12-16-om-19.32
Sitio web: Consumaj onose-8
Short Description: The Onose-8® vacuum chamber is an instrument used for the sampling of odours and gaseous emissions The Onose-8® vacuum chamber consists of a solid cylindrical structure that allows sampling bags (up to 60 l) to be filled using the negative pressure
Product Image: poumon-sous-vide
Short Description: CTP is one of the world's leading companies in air pollution control for industrial applications.They provide several catalytic and thermal oxidation processes for the reduction of contaminants such as VOCs, NH3, NOx or odours.
Product Image: imagen_CTP
Sitio web: CTP
Short Description: CTP works in industrial air pollution control. It's technology has proven itself in hundreds of applications for VOC emission control, greenhouse gas control, odor abatement, the removal of hazardous air pollutants.
Product Image: ctp

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