Sitio web: ecometrika
Short Description: Offer services of consulting and odour management, odour sampling, field pannels, olfactometry and odour impact modelling.
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Short Description: Turkish branch of Aqualogy. Olfactometric lab in Izmir
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Sitio web: Olfasense B.V.
Short Description: Olfasense BV develops, manages and delivers top level expertise on sensory analysis techniques and their application in environmental nuisance management as well as product optimisation and material testing.
Short Description: odour assessment, odour evaluations, training, odour workshops , expert witness, material testing
Short Description: Silsoe Odours Ltd. operates an independent odour measurement service, it was the first odour laboratory to gain UKAS accreditation. Silsoe Odours Ltd offer a complete odour measurement and consultancy service.
Sitio web: Odotech Inc.
Short Description: Odotech is an environmental company with a patented electronic nose specializing in the quantification and monitoring of odors at odor producing plants. Its OdoWatch Platform fully integrates onsite sensors with atmospheric dispersion modelling.
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Sitio web: Web Strengths
Short Description: STRENGTHS es una empresa con más de 15 años de experiencia en servicios para la Administración Pública y la empresa privada, especializada en la ingeniería de servicios y la gestión de olores, acústica y calidad del aire.
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Short Description: St. Croix Sensory evaluates odorous air samples (EN13725, ASTM E679) from a variety of industrial, agricultural, and municipal operations, including WWTP, landfills, composting, and manufacturing. St. Croix Sensory is ISO/IEC 17025 accredited.
Sitio web: GSA
Short Description: GSA is a enterprise with years of experience offering solutions to environmental problems. They have a new olfatocmetric laboratory (certification in september)
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Sitio web: Odometric
Short Description: Odometric is an independent public limited company with offices in Belgium and France. Odometric measures the odour by acting as an interface between industrial operators, local residents and public authorities.
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Sitio web: Olentica
Short Description: Olentica is a spin off of the Odours and VOCs research team working at l’école des Mines d’Alès. Founded in 2011, Olentica answers to the questions related to ambient air quality management, industrial gas emissions and odours.
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Sitio web: SGS
Short Description: Empresa de servicios de control medioambiental de instalaciones industriales. El laboratorio de Medio Ambiente de SGS está acreditado por ENAC para la realización de medidas olfatométricas bajo norma EN-13725. Estos servicios se complementan con l
Short Description: With more than 30 years of experience, Olfasense offers a full range of services to identify, measure, assess and control environmental odours, odour analysis and odour management techniques.
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Short Description: toma de muestra según NCh Nº3386:2015, olfatometría dinámica según la norma NCh Nº 3190:2010. Modelación de dispersión del olor de acuerdo a la Guía SEA Penalistas de Campo VDI3940.
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