Estos detectores son capaces de medir instantaneamente gases con Bajos Umbrales de Olor (BUO) tales como H2S, NH3 y otros.

Short Description: In contrast to other electronic detectors, the Jerome J605 is able of measuring H2S at ppb levels, where the odour threshold is. There are a few models such as J605 (Low-level H2S Analyzer), 631 and 651 (Fence-line Monitoring System).
Product Image: j605
Short Description: The OdaLog® is a portable gas detector specifically designed for the wastewater industry, manufactured by App-Tek International Pty Ltd (Part of Thermo Fisher Scientific Australia).
Product Image: RTX-med
Short Description: Portable measurement instrument for capture and transmission of H2S concentration in air, to be used in sewer systems, industries and public water and sewage systems
Product Image: MT-MeasureStar
Short Description: APSA-370/CU-1 Ambient H2S monitor measures SO2 converted H2S through oxidation catalyst based on Ultra Violet Fluorescence.
Product Image: 2352f981b1
Sitio web: Cairpol
Short Description: Cairpol miniature sensors allows real-time measurement of pollutants even at very low concentrations, with an installation cost level never being so low until now.
Product Image: solar_panel_sensor_pollutants
Sitio web: Gas Detection
Short Description: the 4000 Series Compact Portable Analyzer of interscan is a high resolution monitor with a detection limit of 5 ppb according to the maker.
Product Image: Portable Primary
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Short Description: The Series 500 air quality sensor enables accurate real-time surveying of common outdoor air pollutants, all in an ultra portable handheld monitor.
Product Image: HHS500L_2-580x580
Short Description: PCE Instruments is a manufacturer and global supplier of precision measuring instruments to all industries.
Sitio web: Sulfilogger
Short Description: The SulfiLoggerTM sensor provides the reliable insights you need to optimize your H2S management. It continuously measures hydrogen sulphide in untreated sewage, in the air above sewage, or in wet process gases.
Product Image: sulfilog
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Sitio web: Rubix
Short Description: On Line Air monitoring line with a full range of modular capabilities for Air quality and safety, including VOC, Gas, Odor, and Particle size monitoring
Product Image: imagen_rubix

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