Sitio web: PROGRESS r.l
Short Description: Progress S.r.l.offers odour analysis through dynamic olfatometric analysis, electronic noses and chemical analysis. But they also simulate odour dispersion and offer environmental, legal and civil consulting service.
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Sitio web: U R S
Short Description: Multinational enterprise, experts in environmental engineering and consulting since 1996 for private and public organizations. Counts with a wide experienced team in emision/inmision, modelling and quantification of health damages cased by odours.
Product Image: imagen_URS
Sitio web: Air Spectrum
Short Description: Air Spectrum manufactures odour control and dust suppression equipment, providing olfactometry services, sample testing, category odour scaling, sampling & analysis and odour dispersion modelling reports, liquid neutralisers and dispersal equipment.
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Short Description: TECHNISIM CONSULTANTS offers solutions in order to fulfill the pertinent legislation through innovative simulation and modelisation techniques.
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Sitio web: Passair.org
Short Description: Passair.org offers methods and purification techniques, proven characterization methods in certified laboratory, purification techniques, tested and designed for industrial and community applications including domestic air and HVAC.
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Sitio web: Ortelium
Short Description: Ortelium es un atlas dinámico que recoge, visualiza y analiza datos de la IO y de fuentes humanas. Proporciona información sobre el impacto de los acontecimientos pasados, presentes y futuros.
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Short Description: Over the last few years, a series of odour events have occurred in the urban areas around the Huelva Estuary. The UHUolor App aims to create a map of smells with the data provided by citizens.
Product Image: uhuolorimagen

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