Short Description: St. Croix Sensory provides equipment for your odor sampling needs, including vacuum chamber sampling device, EPA style flux chamber, Tedlar and Nalophan bags, and Teflon tubing.
Product Image: FluxHoodVacChamber
Sitio web: Scentroid.com
Short Description: The Scentroid Vacuum Chambers are easy to use, portable, and cost-effective air sample collection devices. Vacuum chambers are used to pull samples directly without dilution from stack, ambient air, or other sampling devices.
Product Image: scentroid-vacuum-cahmber1
Sitio web: Olfasense.com
Short Description: Olfasense standard sampling device is available in two different sizes: The classic version is designed for 10-litre gas sampling bags; the XL version even for 60-litre bags.
Product Image: mg3596r-150x150
Sitio web: Consumaj onose-8
Short Description: The Onose-8® vacuum chamber is an instrument used for the sampling of odours and gaseous emissions The Onose-8® vacuum chamber consists of a solid cylindrical structure that allows sampling bags (up to 60 l) to be filled using the negative pressure
Product Image: poumon-sous-vide
Sitio web: OdorPrep©
Short Description: Lab Service Analytica srl has a delayed sampler “OdorPrep©” a real-time unattended air sampling and monitoring system. This equipment, activated via SMS, collects air samples at the time of perception of the odour for olfactometric analysis.
Product Image: odorprep1-219x300

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