VVM organizes a Dutch National Odour Congress 2018



   The Air Section of VVM, the Dutch network of environmental professionals, is organizing a National Odour Congress 2018 on 20 March 2018 in 's-Hertogenbosch (The Netherlands).

   The odour conference "Landelijk Geurcongres 2018" (in Dutch) will be focus on several sources of odour, such as road and air traffic, catering, neighbours, agriculture and industry, fireplaces and BBQ,... Besides this, the possibilities to prevent annoyance and sleep disturbance due to odour will be discussed.

    The VVM is a Dutch network for knowledge and relationship of environmental professionals, dedicated to the entire professional group, varying from experienced staff to up-and-coming talent. The VVM encourages knowledge development and organizes debates, meetings, conferences and courses.

   The Air Section and Subsection Aerosols of the VVM is a platform for environmental professionals in the field of air pollution / air quality and climate change, that has decided to organize a National Odour Congress 2018 that will be held in the HAS University of Applied Sciences, in 's-Hertogenbosch, on March 20th. (Unfortunately, in Dutch).

   If you want to know more about this conference, the program of this one-day congress can be checked here.

   For more info, visit the official website (in Dutch).


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Cyntia Izquierdo

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