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We welcome the Odournet Group+Envirosuite as Silver Sponsor

Odournet Sponsor

   The Odournet Group joins us once again as Silver Sponsor for this IV International Conference about Odours and VOCs Management in the Environment, that will take in September 2017.

   We are very happy to share with you that the group Odournet has shown their support once again to our exciting event, and we welcome them as sponsors of the IV International Conference about Odours and VOCs in the Environment that will take in Valladolid, Spain, the 20-21 of September 2017.

   Odournet is a leader in the field of odour consulting and measurement, being a reference in the diagnosis and control of environmental odour pollution. This firm has worked for more than 30 years with many industrial partners to solve their odour issues. It currently operates 4 accredited dynamic olfactometry laboratories and a chemical analysis laboratory GC-TOF/MS of high resolution.

   The Odournet Group has extensive experience in odour impact studies especially through numerous sampling and field campaigns with panelists across Europe and all over the world. Based on the results of these studies, the Best Available Techniques are identified to be implemented in order to mitigate the odour impact.

   Currently Odournet and Envirosuite are partners to enhance the quality of their services by linking the fields of consulting and technology applied to the predictive management of environmental risks in the field of odour impact.

   EnviroSuite is a technological product that provides a comprehensive solution, different from the rest of products existing in the market due to its ability to manage environmental risks in real time and forecasting, especially in the monitoring, modelling and complaints management areas through back trajectory analysis and identification of potential sources.


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