Odournet reaches key Agency agreement with EnviroSuite

envirosuite odournet   Odournet is excited with the ASX announcement of the agreement reached with PEL, the makers of EnviroSuite, to act as EnviroSuite agent focussing on Europe, Brazil and India. The understanding will lead to establishing a dedicated sales structure and sales team to serve these markets, and unlock its potential for the advanced EnviroSuite platform for online monitoring data, data repository and curation, localised weather forecasting and online air dispersion modelling. These capabilities can help putting the expertise that Odournet develops for its clients into the hands of those people who make the decisions that can make the difference for environmental impact on the nearby community.

Chaim Kolominskas, a senior executive of the EnviroSuite team who has been instrumental in identifying new customers and sales partners globally, will be a key member of the EnviroSuite Europe team to support Odournet and a European partner network.

   Through active technical and commercial collaboration to date, Odournet has developed a growing confidence in EnviroSuite such that we are now making it a key pillar of our business. The powerful and innovative EnviroSuite SaaS platform is a great fit for our consulting and services work. We believe our customers and industry networks will respond favourably to EnviroSuite’s ability to provide better regulatory, business efficiency and community outcomes.

   Robin Ormerod, MD Pacific Environment, said: “We are delighted to be leveraging Odournet’s four decades of industry knowledge, global technical leadership, commercial experience and client relationships throughout the world, most notably in Europe, India and Latin America. Importantly, this is not a standing start. Odournet’s assistance in Europe has already produced new customers and a growing pipeline of new business. This progress has provided the confidence to move forward under a formal Sales Agency Agreement.”

   Ton Van Harreveld, founder and CEO at Odournet Group, said: “I am personally very pleased with this collaboration which is the fruit of over a decade of joint innovation initiatives and business development. This collaboration has been built on a strong conceptual affinity and personal friendship with Robin Ormerod and Kristin Zeise, the people who have taken a dream to a reality called EnviroSuite.”

  Source: odournet

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