First Meeting of the CEN group dealing with gas sensors and pattern recognition.

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   The first meeting of the Working Group (WG) 41 that is dealing with the first European standard that will regulate the so-called “e-noses” took place in Antwerp, Belgium the 22nd of October 2015. The name initially given to the standard was "Electronic sensors for odorant monitoring" but this is just a provisional title.

   In January 2015 we published that a new proposal for a European Standard about electronic air monitoring of odorants with the so-called electronic noses (or e-noses) was filled. This WG was hosted inside the Technical Committee 264 on “Air Quality” and the appointed convenor was chosen to be Mr. Anton Philip van Harreveld.

   Mr van Harreveld was chosen because his wide experience dealing with odour measurement for around 30 years. In addition, he has been actively working on standardization committees since the 90ies, being a convenor of the EN 13725 Standard twice.

   The secretariat is carried out by Ms. Nicolet Baas from the Dutch Standardization body (NEN). Ms. Baas has previously hold a few secretariats including the EN 13725, so she has a wide experience to help to deliver the best standard for gas sensors.

   The first meeting took place in Antwerp, Belgium at the end of October. The meeting was hosted by the company VITO and the full list of attendants for this very first meeting was:

  • Baas, Nicolet, NL (NEN, secretariat)
  • Barbieri, Pierluigi, IT (University of Trieste)
  • Bilsen, Ilse, BE (VITO)
  • Boheemen, André van, NL (Witteveen+Bos)
  • Bootsma, Simon, NL (Comon Invent)
  • Conrad, Thorsten, GE (3SGmbH)
  • Diaz Jimenez, Carlos, SP (
  • Frechen, Franz-Bernd, GE (University of Kassel)
  • Guillot, Jean Michel, FR (Afnor)
  • Harreveld, Ton van, NL (Odournet, convenor)
  • Huet, Matthieu, FR (Alpha MOS)
  • Hübert, Thomas, GE (BAM)
  • Lee, Stuart, UK (Vietech Ltd)
  • Rossi, Andrea, IT (Progress S.r.i.)
  • Sironi, Selena, IT (Politecnico Milano)
  • Vassallo, Emanuale, IT (SACMI Imola S.C.)
  • Haerens, Kurt, BE (Olfascan)

   The standard will be based both on the experience of the many people that integrated this very first committee of the European Standard Organization (CEN), and also on the exiting norms dealing with these devices. The Dutch standard NTA 9055, Air quality - Electronic air monitoring - Odour (nuisance) and safety and the German standard VDI/VDE 3518 Multigas Sensors (Part 1 and Part 2), will be considered as a source of information to begin with.

Things like multigas sensors, pattern recognition, sign stability and calibration of the sensors will be studied and considered in this group. One of the first steps that will take this group is drafting a compilation of definitions relevant for the standard.


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