Successful First International Seminar on Environmental Odour Management in Santiago, Chile

seminario olores   We are delighted to share with you that it already happened and we had a very successful Seminar in Chile. We got a full room with over 170 participants and all the inscriptions available were booked up in the last days, so we had some very busy days to have everything ready.

    We have to apologize for the around 30 people that could not get into the venue. Until the very last day before the Seminar, we were looking for a hotel nearby with a higher capacity, but there was no way to find a suitable place with place for all the booths registered at this event. Also, we had confirmed to the University Andres Bello our event, so it was a difficult for us to reject their kind invitation, after all the beautiful work done by them (a warm thanks for Natalia Wilson from here).

We hope you found the information or the help you were looking for in this Seminar. We are sure you met a lot of interesting people.

We really enjoyed your presence there and we hope to meet you again in another event soon.

 Remember that all the paper, videos, photos and video recordings of the event will be offered in this website following the terms of the open access license.

Who was there? see our photo album here.


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