Course on “introduction to odour management“ organized by the Environmental Ministry of Chile

mma chile cursoThe Environmental Ministry of Chile organized a course on “introduction to odour management“ in the city of Copiapo. Around forty people asissted to this activity both from the public sectors and also representatives from the nine municipalities of the region of Atacama. The companies Odotec and Odournet have joined forces to make this happen.

The course is framed within the project of “Antecedents for an Odour Regulation in Chile” and has as a main aim to build a proposal of estrategic normative to regulate odour emission at a national basis.

There will be more presentations along the next months in other regions of Chile, meanwhile we see that this organism is taking action into a framework that could lead to an odour regulation in Chile in the future.

For further information see the press note release of the Environmental Ministry here. + Info

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