Working group 41 on IOMS has got an extension to continue its work.

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wg41   The Technical Committee 264 (TC264) on Air Quality has decided to grant an extension to the work developed by the experts on Working Group 41 (WG41) focused on Instrumental Odour Monitoring Systems (IOMS) by activating a work item. That means that the group will have 3 more years to develop this standard.

   The first meeting of this group took place three and a half years ago in Antwerp, Belgium. Much work has been done during this time by the around 15 experts that usually meet in these 2-days sessions that are hold usually three times a year. In addition, there are also Task Group meetings planned around the year and videomeetings hold from time to time. So there is a lot of work and a lot of hours here to develop a standard.

   The last meeting in Milan brought many interesting discussions on several topics. It is difficult to bring all the issues of one a half days of talks in just s few paragraphs, but it is interesting to note that many discussions focused on the new VDI/VDE 3518 published last December. All in all, the draft of the standard was sent to the European national standardization bodies in order to vote either the continuation of the work and the members of TC264 took the decision to go on with the work of the WG41.

   The 13th of May the secretariat of the WG41 was informed by the TC264 that the work item was activated. That means that the work of the experts can go on for 3 more years.

   That also means that this CEN standard will be published around 2023-2024 if the experts decide to use up the whole period of this extension. 


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