Call for E-Nose Standardization Volunteers

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ieee new standard e nose   The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) has launched an open call for experts to participate in a new standard for e-noses. The organization is asking for volunteers to contribute to this new standard that will have a strong focus on specific applications of these devices. The IEEE Sensors Council and the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society will sponsor the initial phases of this expanded standardization effort.

   As many of you probably know, there is already an initiative of standardization of Instrumental Odour Monitoring Systems (IOMS) aka e-noses within the European Standardization Committee (CEN). However, this initiative has a strong focus in the use of these devices only for environmental air monitoring. The IEEE wants to expand the applications of IOMS (or e-noses) to other uses including, of course, the environmental one.

   The IEEE is looking for volunteers for several roles. The most important need is for members and leaders of Working Groups (WGs). According to the IEEE, a WG member typically spends about one hour per week over several years. Being a WG leader (chair, vice-chair, secretary, etc.) requires about two hours per week over several years. Volunteers with experience in IEEE standards development can join a sponsoring entity’s Standards Committee (IEEE Sensors Council and/or IEEE Industrial Electronics Society) which requires a commitment of about one hour per month (yearly appointments).

  Persons with expertise in the technology and application area for e-noses will be invited to join a balloting group (BG). A BG is convened at the end of a standard development cycle. BG members devote about two hours per month for six months.

   If you are interested in learning more about (or joining) this standardization effort, check here.


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