2nd meeting of the group developing a new guideline on odour exposure modelling

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odour exposure modelling guideline meeting   The 29th of October took place the second meeting of the group that is dealing with the new Guideline on the assessment of odour exposure by using dispersion modelling. 20 experts from around the world got in this meeting to discuss the next steps in this development. The convenors of this initiative Günther Schauberger and Jennifer Barclay presented some interesting and important points to take into account when modelling with a special focus on the peak to mean approaches.

  A set of six areas have been identified as key in dealing with odour impact modelling, that is why a set of 6 Task Groups (TG) have been defined. These are the groups:  TG1: Definitions. TG2: Meteorology. TG3: Emissions and source characterization. TG4: Dispersion algorithm. TG5. Dose-response (including P/M, hedonic tone, percentiles) and TG6. Reporting.  A Task leader have been designated for each TG.

   Three questions were proposed to the experts in order to go on with this development:

  1. Shall it become a sort of guideline for modellists (i.e. people who apply models for odour dispersion simulation), in order to provide a sort of guideline and state-of-the-art about how to do it at best?
  2. Or shall it be more a document for those institutions who evaluate the outcomes of an odour dispersion modelling study in order to tell them how to judge it and what to care about?
  3. Or shall it be a document for policymakers to use it to write local/ national guidelines on  odour impact assessment?

   Next meeting will take place the 26th of November at 20:00 (UTC+1). Check your local time in your country/state here.


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