Basic steps to stay safe in Santiago, Chile during the conference.

LASCONDES  Things are getting better now in Chile, but the people are still demanding changes to the politicians. Some demonstrations happened yesterday in many cities of Chile and unfortunately a few violent clashes happened, so we decided to write a short text about basic precautions to take during your visit.

   First, we would like to inform you that we are going ahead with the conference. The place where our conference will take place is Las Condes and it is far away from the city centre, Last week there was a very successful conference about solar energy and other events are now happening too. However, a few precautions should be taken in our stay in Santiago in order to stay safe. So here you have a few tips.


  1. Unfortunately if you were planning to do some tourism, this is no time to do tourism, nor to go sightseeing around the capital.
  2. Please avoid any area where a conflict may happen. Above stay away from the city centre.
  3. Underground service stops at 20:00, so plan ahead your movements if you are thinking on using public transportation.
  4. If you signed up for dinner, it is better that you take a taxi/uber to get to the hotel.
  5. Usually demonstrations start after 17:00 when people are leaving their jobs. Take this into account
  6. As mentioned before, the area where the conference and hotels are is safe and you can safely walk around.

   We will update this text and send more alerts in case new events happen in Chile.


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