Abstracts to be evaluated by the Scientific Committee of OLORES·19

all the abstracts en   As already announced, the Conference OLORES·19 has received well over 40 abstracts. These abstracts are pending evaluation by the Scientific and Organizing Committee.

   These days, all the abstracts are being distributed among all the members of the scientific committe. These members have the task of checking the abstracts and guiding the authors. Each one of the members of the scientifc committee has 2 abstracts to check, and each abstract must be peer reviewed by at least 2 peers.

     We are glad to share with you the list of submitted abstracts (the order in which the papers are presented below is the order in which they were received):

 Session I: Odour legislation, standards and regulations.

Session II: Environmental Odour formation. Dynamic Olfactometry and other techniques. Odour perception. Quality assurance and control.

Session III: Calculation of the odour impact. Odour dispersion modelling.

Session IV: Electronic devices for gases and odorant detection. Odorant monitoring techniques.

Session V: Odorant abatement techniques.

 In addition, we will have several first-rate guests as keynote speakers:

   We are still open to receive any abstract you may send us, but chances are there that it will probably be a poster, as we are running out of free slots for presentations.


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