The following article describes and analyzes the current state of the legislation about odour management in Chile. In this manner, several legislative acts are revised including the Norm of Emision control of foul odours. This norm, came to front of the Chilean legislative board to control odour emission in paper pulp factories but it is not useful for other industries. In addition, the experiences in Chile related with the dynamic olfactometry and the German Norm VDI 3940 are described.


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IPPC Permits of activities linked to odour complaints must consider regulation and reduction of odour emissions. The Environmental Administration of every European country should set an odour emission limit value for this kind of facilities. Therefore, the main question is: Which is the appropriate “target value” for odours?

Achieving compliance by the deadline of 30 October 2007 for existing installations should require an extra effort by the Environmental Authorities in EU countries. However, special care should be taken in these particular Integrated Environmental Permits. Luckily, This is a very good moment to set up odour limits for odour-emitting installations in those countries where no legislation about odours exists, as according with the art. 8 of the Directive 1996/61/EC, without prejudice to other requirements laid down in national or Community legislation, the competent authority should grant a permit containing conditions guaranteeing that the installation complies with the requirements of the Directive.


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explotacion avicolaLaw of 5 of October, 2006 on Livestock Odour Control. Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment of the Netherlands.

(Translation to English of this Dutch legislation, courtesy or M. Bongers)

Greetings to all who shall see or hear this! Be it known:

Whereas we have considered it desirable to lay down rules concerning decisions on permits for livestock farms pursuant to the Environmental Management Act, to the extent this involves odour nuisance caused by the animal accommodation used in livestock farming;