The ROM is ready and it includes a whole chapter on odour management

rom odours   The Reference Report on Monitoring (ROM) has been finally published a couple of weeks ago and this time, it brings an interesting chapter dealing with odour management in industrial activities. The new ROM can be downloaded here.

   The Reference Report on Monitoring (ROM) published a couple of weeks ago summarizes information on the monitoring of emissions to air and water from installations affected by the Industrial Emission Directive (IED and it is produced by the European Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control Bureau (EIPPCB).

   The ROM is practical guidance for the application of the Best Available Techniques (BAT) conclusions on monitoring in order to help competent authorities to define monitoring requirements in the permits of IED installations. The ROM summarizes general and commonly available information collected by the European IPPC Bureau from various sources, such as international and national standards, as well as scientific publications. Some Member States also provided special contributions summarising their monitoring practices.

   The odour chapter of the ROM goes into some key definitions and then it details some useful standards for odour evaluation.

   The authors of the ROM were Mr Thomas Brinkmann, Ms Bianca-Maria Scalet and Mr Ralf Both. Mr. Both has been working in the odour field for a few years and he is a a well-known person in the odour world, so no wonder why this time there is a whole and interesting chapter on odours.

    Learn more about the ROM here.


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