The New Standard ASTM WK60885 for Sensory Evaluation of Small Devices

handheld wearables   The ASTM Committee E18 on Sensory Evaluation of Materials and Products has decided to begin developing a new standard for the sensory evaluation of small devices. This guideline is developed by the Subcommittee E18.07 on Personal Care and Household Evaluation and it is intended to be limited to products that are handheld and wearable devices.

   There is a lack of published guidance focused on small hand-held and worn devices and how to best evaluate sensory and psychometric properties and performance by consumers or trained assessors. There has been a large increase in the use of wrist-born activity monitors. The proposed guideline will cover the evaluation of these type and many other types of consumer products that fit within the scope of being a hand-held or worn small device and will address sensory and psychometric attributes related to the evaluation process, and general sensory data gathering guidelines to conduct a sensory evaluation of a small device.

This ASTM Work Item will deal with some other aspects, such as:

  • Inclusion of the areas of trained assessors and consumer affective assessors.
  • The guide will not provide detailed guidance for any specified product but rather is intended to be a best practices document to be used with practitioners who can use good judgment in applying the principles provided in the guide to a specified product and context.
  • The guide will not recommend a specific testing method. The user is responsible for identifying the most appropriate test design and analysis tools to address the purposes of the user.
  • This guide will not address all the safety concerns.

More info about this new ASTM work item here.

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