A new odour guideline in Portugal

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nuno lacasta   The last webinar on odour management organized by the APEA was very interesting. After all the presentations, Mr. Nuno Lacasta, president of the Portuguese Environment Agency (APA) announced that The Portuguese Environment Agency is now undertaking the preparation of a Guidance toolkit for odour management and control in Portugal.

   According to Mr. Lacasta "This guideline will be based on activities risk assessment and corresponding management plans that identify odour mitigation measures adapting them to technical progress and also to citizen input." In addition he mentioned that they have drawn upon the experience of several European countries in a way that allows for this to be a path that they start to undertake in a comprehensive manner, in Portugal.

   He added that "Although odours awareness has increased over the last decade, European legislation is scarce, and covers only a few industrial processes. Thus the solution at this point is found in selected member states."

   Last, Mr Lacasta commented that the Portugese Environment Agency have also prepared a regulatory framework proposal for government consideration which is pending of approval.


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Carlos Nietzsche Diaz Jimenez
Carlos is the editor chief of olores.org and he has been in the odour world since 2001. Since then, Carlos has attended over 40 conferences in odour management both national and international and authored a few papers on the subject. He has also organized a few international conferences and courses. Carlos is the owner a very small company named SVPA and in he spends his free time with his wife and his twins Laura and Daniel and of course, writing in olores.org.

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