2022 WEAT Collections Systems and Odor & Corrosion Specialty Conference will take place the 1st of June in Frisco, Texas

WEAT odor in collection systems   The 2022 Collections Systems and Odor & Corrosion Specialty Conference of the Water Environment Association of Texas (WEAT) is organized by the Collection Systems Committee and the Odor and Corrosion Management (OCM) Committee of this organization.

   Odor and corrosion problems in wastewater collection systems are increasingly important, and that is why these type of events are usually nice spots for operators and odor managers with a need to learn more about this topic.

      Understanding how odor and corrosion causing compounds occur in collection systems, and applying that knowledge to the design and operation of wastewater systems, can significantly reduce the impact of these compounds on the public and the wastewater infrastructure. While much is known about the nature of odorous gases in the collection system, the underlying science and mechanisms of odor generation, sewer venting, odor characterization and control, and corrosion mechanisms need more research.

   Although predictive computer simulations can be used to model the amount of sulfide generated in a collection system, or used to model the extent of headspace pressurization, there are basic collection system design elements and operating methods that, if understood and applied correctly, can reduce, or even eliminate, odor and corrosion issues within the wastewater collection system.

   This conference will deal with the latest approaches made by operators, consultants and academia to try to tackle odor emission from public collection systems.

   For more info about this event, click here.


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