Webinar on Temporary Odour Control for WWTP and Collection Systems

webcast temporary odour controlThe Water Environmental Federation (WEF) is organizing a webinar the 15th of February at 1 PM Eastern Time about temporary odour control for Waste Water Treatment Plants (WWTP) and collection Systems. This interesting webinar is free for WEF members and it has a cost of 40 euro for non-WEF members. This webcast will help by focusing on three major categories for temporary odour control: Temporary Construction & Process Techniques, Chemical Addition and Portable Odour Control Systems.

   The WEF has organized many webcasts in the past related to odour management. This event is mainly dealing with practical solutions to prevent odour releases, that are driven by concerns to be a good neighbour and sometimes by regulatory priorities. Speakers of this webcast will be Scott Cowden and Bart Kraakman from CH2M/Jacobs,  Chris Hunniford, from V&A Consulting Engineers, Shirley Edmondson, from Black & Veatch and the moderator will be the well-known Neil Webster from Webster Environmental Associates.



   Frequently, municipal managers, operators, and engineers are faced with important questions about “How can we provide temporary or interim odour control while/when we...:"

    “...demolish an existing odour control system and before the new system is fully functional?”
    “...work on fixing sewer lines or pump stations and when we dig up pipes we create odours?”
    “...take an existing odour control system off-line for repairs and there is no redundant treatment train?”
    “...have odour complaints but haven’t completed construction of our new odour control systems?”

 Learn more about this webcast here.


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