Global NEST Journal special edition on odours

gnest journal   The Global NEST Journal is an open access journal that publishes original research articles, short papers and critical reviews on all aspects of Environmental Science and Technology. For their number of December, they have prepared a special number with some articles related to odour management.

   The topics are mostly related to Instrumental Odour Monitoring Systems (IOMS). For example one of the papers deals with the use of IOMSs to calculate the efficiency rate of an abatement technique based on a microbial cocktail in a sewer. Efficiencies of 74% were found with this technique by using IOMSs. The improvement of sensory odour intensity scale using 1-butanol reference solutions is another one of the topics addresed. Another paper describes a procedure to train IOMSs and a couple of papers deal with the use of UV/Ozone oxidation for abating odours and the characterization of odour emissions from composting by using remote sensing with methane as a tracer.

   The papers can be accessed for free no registration needed here.


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