Happy Holidays and Happy New Year 2019!

Xmas19   2018 is almost over and here we are, one more year and we left a world with odours a bit better managed. One more year, we would like to thank to our sponsors and advertisers. This year the support of the Chilean company Envirometrika and the Italian company Lab Service, have allowed us to provide Olores.org as a FREE community resource. Thank you guys!

 Also we wanted to thank you, our reader, for reading us, for staying there. We hope you spend these days some quality time with your family and friends and we wish you the best of success for your odour projects in the next 2019!

 Along this year we have posted 120 articles with news about conferences, standards, events, courses and new regulations in different parts of the world. This year we got over 45.000 pages viewed, not too bad for such a niche market. We have learned a bit more about new ways to measure, control, monitor and abate odours. All this time spent writing, editing, publishing, etc was definitely worth for us.

  Now it is time for us to think about the coming 2019. We have many exciting projects ahead and we want to hold your hand and step over the line that separates 2018 from 2019 and jump to the International Conference we are organizing in Chile. It will be our fifth event, so we are getting quite good at them at this stage. This time we count on the support of the Ministry of Environment of Chile and the International Environmental Society of Odour Managers (AMIGO).


Cyntia Izquierdo

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