Meeting of the IWA Odour Specialist Group in Warsaw, Poland.

iwa meeting warsaw poland

   The 27th of September of 2017 a representation of the IWA Odours and Volatile Emissions specialist group met in Warsaw, Poland, to discuss about several issues related to the organization of the event. In addition some proposals were made to host next IWA 2019 Odour and VOCs Conference.

   A small but significant group met after the conference in Warsaw to discuss about several issues related to the organization of the conference.This meeting was chaired by Mr Witherspoon, and Mr Barczak acted as secretary. The idea was to have some general comments and impressions about the conference in Warsaw and to discuss future improvements. In addition, some proposals for the next city to host the event were presented.

   Following the discussion about the Warsaw conference there were some comments noted.

  • Some important people from the odour field were missing in this conference. Was there any reason for this?
  • There were not many industry representatives and only 3 booths.
  • It would be good organize a workshop especially for attendees that are new in the odour field.
  • Maybe it is a good idea to link this odour conference with another conference such as the CASANZ conference for example.
  • It would be nice to allocate a bit more of time for panel discussion and topic discussion.

   A few proposals for hosting the event were presented, but finally the city to host the 2019 IWA volatile and odours conference will be Hangzhou, China.

   The person in charge of the organization will be Mr. Dezhao Liu. The provisional dates proposed are the 23th-25th September 2019, or the 14th-16th October 2019.


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