General Assembly of the new International Association of Odour Managers (AMIGO) in Valladolid, Spain.

amigo meeting valladolid   The next General Assembly of the recently created Environmental International Association of Odour Managers (AMIGO for its acronym in Spanish, Asociación Medioambiental Internacional de Gestores del Olor)  will take place during the IV International Conference on Odour and VOC management,  in Valladolid, Spain. This Association gathers partners from several Spanish-speaking countries, such as Chile, Spain, Argentina and Colombia. One of the items that will be discussed in the Agenda for this meeting is whether to open the inscription for other non-Spanish speaking partners. 

  The Environmental International Association of Odour Managers (AMIGO) is a non-profit organisation formed by consultants, environmental companies, industrial sectors and other important environmental actors who care about a better environment without odour annoyance. This organization is based in Spain, but there are other groups in Chile, Colombia and Argentina. After a few tens of "virtual" meetings by videoconference, this time the goberning board and other members wil meet in person. The General Assembly will take place on Wednesday the 20th of September 2017, in the room Chancilleria.

   The main objective of International Association Environmental Odour Managers (from now on AMIGO) is to be an international reference point about odour management. The AMIGO, as organisation has among their aims to promote, develop and spread the importance of an adequate odour management. Also, AMIGO aims to generate actions to foster the development in this sector and to make aware to the society and administrations of an adequate importance of the environmental odour management.

   There has been other initiatives related with similar objectives. You might probably have heard of the International Association of Applied Olfactometry (IAAO) that was presented for the first time in the 3rd IWA International conference on Odour and VOC's that took place in Barcelona in 2008. However after that presentation, there hasn't been much news about the IAAO.

   To try to fill this gap, the 29th of January of 2015, the first meeting of a new association of “odour Experts” was hold on line as an initiative of the companies Scentroid, Olfascan and Odometric. Again, there hasn't been much movement in this association either. If you have a look to the LinkedIn group, looks much like a marketing channel of the Canadian company Scentroid.

   The members of the so far very much alive organization AMIGO have been holding 1-hour videomeetings for the last couple of years in an almost monthly basis and this time is going to be the first face-to-face meeting. This first offline meeting is scheduled for the 20th of September and it will take place after the first day of sessions of the IV Conference of Odours and VOCs in the Environment in Valladolid, Spain. is much involved in this association as the main editor of this website, happens to be also the president of this association. This is a small world, isnt't it?

   We are looking forward to meet all our colleagues in Valladolid and to initiate the way to develop a little bit further this organization, maybe opening the activities to other non-Spanish speaking countries.

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