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Comparative between PLUME VDI 3940-2 method and CALPUFF atmospheric dispersion model application

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MZacarias   Chile is a country that has different industrial activities generating annoying odors for the communities that live in the surroundings. It seeks to determine the area of impact caused by odors, for which measurements are made with suitable panelists (according to the established in the chilean normative NCh3190: 2010).

   To determine the area of impact, plume measurements are made in accordance to VDI 3940 part 2. On the other hand, the mathematical model of atmospheric dispersion CALPUFF fed with emissions measured by dynamic olfactometry is applied.

A.Ulloa and M.Zacarías

Condell 1415-1104, Providencia Santiago, Chile.

Biogas treatment with recovery of nutrients from centrate in an outdoors high rate algal pond through algae- bacteria systems

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D_Marin   The upgrading of biogas coupled with centrate treatment was evaluated in an outdoors photobioreactor interconnected to an absorption column of CO2 and H2S from September to December 2016.

   The maximum recorded CH4 concentration in the biomethane was 94%, with total removal of H2S and removal efficiencies of CO2 ranging from 70% to 90% depending on the environmental conditions.


D. Marín, E. Posadas, R. Lebrero, R. Muñoz

Departamento de Ingeniería Química y Tecnología del Medio Ambiente. Universidad de Valladolid. C/ Real de Burgos, s/n, Sede Doctor Mergelina. CP 47011 - Valladolid

Estimation of stable-run time for Biofilter to mitigate environment pollution due to Styrene emission and other VOCs from Reinforcing Plastics industry

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reinforced fiberglass   The Fiber Glass Reinforcing Plastic Industry in Argentina has undergone a huge development. Unfortunately, only a few facilities work with appropriate abatement pollutant emission technology. That is so due to the lack of regulations and control laws in this country.

   This work describes a case study of the design of equipment to reduce styrene emissions from a filament winding and chop hoop mixed process from a factory that produces Reinforcing Plastic pipes.

C. A. Severi1, J. Galvez2 and S. Vardaro2

1-Student of Master Environmental Engineering. National University of Cuyo, Argentina.E-mail: .ar
2-Bioprocesses. Faculty of Engineering. National University of Cuyo.