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Urban experiences in the management of odors on Wastewater Treatment Plants

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sauco   The generation of odours in a WWTP is usually caused by the presence of hydrogen sulphide (H2S). This gas, moreover, is responsible for the deterioration of the facilities’ materials and involves a health hazard for plant operators. Currently there are several alternatives that allow decreasing the impact of odours associated with H2S.

   This paper presents some techniques focused on management of odours in WWTPs as a result of the experience of DAM as WWTP Manager: experiences of removal of H2S in collectors, deodorization of a WWTP by the injection of confined air in the anoxic biological reactor of the sludge line, studies at pilot scale for the application of a TECNIUM’s biofilter percolator, a photo-ionization for the treatment of air streams, and ozone plus ultrasound for the treatment of liquid streams.

L. Sauco1, J.E Sánchez-Ramírez1 ,L. Pastor1, E. Morales1, S. Doñate1, L. Otegi2

1 Depuración de aguas del mediterráneo (DAM). Dpto I+D+i. Av Benjamín franklin 21- 46980 Valencia-España (Paterna). Tel: 902.881.510 – Email:

2 Tecnium-Casals Cardona Ind. S.A.- Calle Ferrán Casablancas, 24. 08243 Manresa (Barcelona). Tel: 93.874.84.80 – Email:

Thomas Hübert is not with us anymore

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thomas hubert
   Yesterday, we were informed by the CEN that the 15th on November 2017 Dr. Thomas Hübert passed away after a very short illness. Dr. Thomas Hübert worked at the Federal Institute of Materials Research and Testing (BAM) and he was member of several groups dealing with instrumental odour monitoring such as the Working Group (WG) 41 of the Technical Committee 264 of the CEN.

   Dr. Hübert was activily involved in the WG41 and he was also the coordinator of the German mirror group. The picture on the left was taken in Berlin in August last year, during the last meeting of the WG. Dr. Hübert (in the middle) was a very active person and he took part on many decisions of this group. It is a great loss for his family and friends and also for the "odour" family.

How to determine the sources of bad odours? Benefits of operational control for environmental risk in the industry through Predictive Digital Platform

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A Harreveld   Currently, odour modelling maps represent a static photo on the impact assessment in P98, 1h. This information allows the proper design of odour control measures, regarding emission reduction or better dispersion. However, this information is not enough to carry out an operational and proactive odour management, which is associated with the operations at installations.

   A digital platform like EnviroSuite is a technological product which provides a comprehensive solution, able to manage environmental risks in real and predictive time. The main objective of this platform is to improve operational efficiency in the industry, through business planning and environmental compliance approach.

A.V. Harreveld*, L. Rodríguez and E. Pagans

Odournet S.L., Av. Corts Catalanes, 5-7. Nave 3. Parc Empresarial Trade Center. 08173 Sant Cugat del Vallès (Barcelona)